Managing stress in the workplace

As the owner and or manager of a real estate franchise, it is in your best interests to be concerned about the stress levels of your employees.  If your organisation is placed to recognise signs of stress and have systems that aim to alleviate it, the benefits will likely be evident throughout the business – from happier, more productive employees, to an improved bottom line.

According to a variety of studies that have been conducted over the past decade, stress in the workplace can be incredibly costly for any business.  Employees that are stressed may be more likely to take days off with increased frequency, and can be less productive.  Stress-induced anxiety also has the potential to lead to more serious mental health issues, which for a business can see the loss of experienced staff altogether.   

While the real estate industry is, for the most part, grossly rewarding, there’s no doubt that at times it can also be stressful.   With the ongoing competition to achieve listings coupled with the pressures of securing a satisfactory sales price for vendors – it is not surprising for agents to feel as though they are under a great deal of pressure from time to time.

As the owner and/or manager of a real estate office, it can be grossly beneficial to your business for you to remain vigilant about the stress levels of your employees, recognising when an agent or staff member is not dealing well and encouraging them to seek the appropriate professional help.

Sometimes even the knowledge that a manager understands and cares about the pressures an employee is under is a large step in helping that employee deal effectively with the issue. 

For any business, human resources are the greatest asset.  As the owner and/or manager of a real estate franchise which is naturally a competitive, and thus, at times, stressful environment, try to recognise signs of stress and work with your employees to overcome it.  There is no doubt that your business will benefit from the presence of happy, more productive staff, resulting in benefits for all. 

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