Minimise workplace hazards and risks

As the manager and/or owner of a CENTURY 21 Real Estate Franchise, it is important to understand that your role not only involves ensuring the financial success of your business, but also the physical and emotional wellbeing of your team. 


In running your franchise there are a number of issues concerning health and safety that may arise.  The first step to managing these issues is often to recognise what may come up, and put systems in place to manage any difficult situations. 


Potential hazards and risks that can arise within a real estate franchise environment may involve the following. 


Workplace bullying and gossip

Unfortunately for many people, the temptation to talk about colleagues in a negative light behind their back can be hard to resist, particularly if you feel like you have missed out on an opportunity or feel threatened. 


Workplace gossip is dangerous for any office and can threaten relationships and productivity.  It is important for managers to keep their ears open to negative comments and to encourage any issues between staff members to be worked through promptly, before the situation escalates to a more serious level. 


Understanding of emergency procedures

In the event of a fire or other emergency, it is not uncommon for panic to ensue, which can result in life threatening situations.  In order to avoid unnecessary accidents and even death, it is important for managers and owners of real estate franchises to ensure that their team is appropriately trained for such situations and well aware of all emergency procedures.


This includes having knowledge as to the location of all exits, how to communicate effectively in a stressful situation and the appropriate use of fire equipment, such as extinguishers. 


Safety in the field

Real estate agents will often be required to travel alone, driving out to visit clients and inspect properties.  Your responsibility for your team extends to outside your physical office and it is important to educate your staff members about maintaining their physical safety particularly while on the road. 


You may like to put procedures in place such as having agents ‘check in’ with your office receptionist at various points and ensure that your team members are always in possession of communication equipment in case of an emergency. 


While dangerous situations may arise infrequently, the owners and managers of franchise organisations still need to be prepared for harmful events that could occur.  By taking steps to put appropriate procedures in place and educate staff, owners and managers can effectively reduce the risks of such occurrences both in and out of the office.

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