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Well-motivated employees are essential to the success of any business. And in modern workplaces, it’s often not enough to simply hand out annual pay rises or bonuses; more strategic measures may be required.


Motivation strategies can take many forms – however, the same methods won’t necessarily always work for every employee or employer. To help you discover which methods work best for your business, we have prepared some quick and simple tips for motivating staff.


1. Encourage innovation: a great deal of innovation in business often comes from front-line employees. Harnessing your staff’s capacity for innovation may help to solve problems or streamline existing processes. In turn, this might not only bring benefits to your business, it may also be intrinsically rewarding for employees who see their ideas implemented;


2. Show trust in your team: trust may be one of the most effective and overlooked forms of staff motivation. Giving employees autonomy to make decisions may increase their engagement and productivity levels by showing them that you have faith in their abilities;


3. Provide opportunities for personal growth: most employees will be interested in expanding their skills and knowledge about the real estate industry. As such, you may want to consider ways in which you can offer staff training and development opportunities. By training your employees, you will not only bring value to their careers, you will also give them the skills needed to gain promotion within your business. And if employees can see opportunities for career progression within their existing organisation, they are less likely to look for it elsewhere;


4. Recognise effort: several studies have found a strong connection between a business’ performance and the level of recognition provided to its employees. A survey by OfficeTeam, a recruitment specialist in the US, recently confirmed this link – finding that nearly half of all surveyed employees would seek work elsewhere if their managers ceased recognising them for their efforts;


Try implementing some of these tips the next time you want to motivate staff and you may find yourself surprised at the results.

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