Motivating your agents to perform

There are many techniques that you as manager or owner of a real estate franchise can use to motivate your agents to achieve greater success and enjoyment in their work.  However, your efforts may be somewhat redundant unless you have an understanding about exactly what it is that inspires your agents in the first place. 

So how can you find out the most effective ways to get the best from your agents?

A good place to start is to schedule a meeting with your team one by one to let them know that as their manager you want them to be as fulfilled in their role as possible, and that you are there to support them in this endeavour.  When talking to each agent, ask open ended questions to discover what motivates them and how you can help them to remain enthusiastic about their work.

While it can be easy to simply assume what factors motivate your employees, try instead to combine your thoughts with their feedback.  It is easy and effective to ask them direct questions – these should help you to develop an understanding about how you can work towards improving motivation and productivity amongst all of the agents in your own franchise.  Several good questions to start with are:

1. What currently motivates you in your role?
2. What would you change about your job if you could?
3. Where do you see your career taking you in the next two years?
4. How can I help you to reach your goals?

It is good to be aware that when you have this career development conversation with your staff, in some instances a number of agents may not feel comfortable sharing personal information with you candidly.  Showing that you are listening to their opinions and responses should help you to gradually obtain honest answers which will assist you with determining the best means of motivating them towards high levels of efficiency. 

Motivating your agents can help to transform attitudes and the overall success of your CENTURY 21 franchise.  In addition to conducting career development talks with staff, several other tools you may like to consider include:
• Be quick to compliment good work
• Recognise excellence with reward, respect and trust
• Reward your agents with something as simple as food or drinks in the break room
• Follow up on employees’ suggestions, keeping them happy and involved

Having an understanding about what your staff want and need is an excellent way to forward both the career goals of individual agents, as well as the success of your franchise.  By openly communicating with your agents and rewarding and appreciating good work you should be well on the way to achieving the best performance from your agents. 

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