Planning for your staff Christmas party

With Christmas fast approaching, it may be time to start planning for that famous office tradition – the staff Christmas party. While this staple of the office calendar may have gained a less than stellar reputation in the past, with a little creativity, you may be able to create a party that’s impossible to forget, for all of the right reasons.

With this in mind, we have prepared three ideas to help spark your creativity this Christmas.

1. Try the outdoors: consider taking the office Christmas party to an unconventional location, such as the local cricket oval. Although it’s not likely that every member of your staff will be a star cricket player, a relaxed day of sports and lunch may be the perfect way to wind down after a busy year;

2. Try a family Christmas: after a busy spring selling season, staff may appreciate you making the work Christmas party a time that they’re able to share with family and colleagues. This may also help build stronger relationships between the staff in your office;

3. Try incorporating Charity: you may want to consider involving contributions to a charitable organisation as part of your festivities. One way you could achieve this is by giving all of your staff the afternoon off to help a charity, before heading to a group dinner party. Not only will you be giving back to the community, but your staff will likely arrive at your Christmas party with stories to share from their afternoon helping out.


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