Public relations; embrace it to make your real estate agency shine

Once you’ve established your own real estate business, getting the word out about it is usually the next major challenge. As all of us know that the market today is extremely competitive and it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Given such, it is important for principals to recognise how useful a well-executed public relations strategy can be in enhancing an agency’s exposure, credibility and clientele.

Many business owners use advertising as the primary promotional method for their organisation - they might buy a newspaper ad, create some bumper stickers or run a Google AdWords campaign.  There is an alternative approach, however, that may deliver better results in a more cost efficient manner; this approach being public relations.

Public relations strategies are often confused with advertising strategies, likely because they both leverage media platforms and produce seemingly similar content. The reality, however, is that PR methods are distinct from those associated with advertising, and should therefore be emphasised equally within any business plan or budget.

In light of such, below are some key tips for implementing an effective real estate publicity strategy.

Build relationships with your local media

Journalists will almost invariably approach sources that they have existing relationships with, which makes sense if the source has already proven their credibility and reliability. Therefore, you should actively seek to create opportunities to position yourself as a leading source of information in your local market.

A degree of relationship building with local journalists will therefore likely be needed, and you may even want to consider inviting some of them out for coffee to introduce yourself. In doing such, you can offer your contact details, indicate your willingness to provide commentary, discuss proactive media opportunities, and effectively lay a foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

Media Releases

Journalists are always on the hunt for story ideas, particularly in local publications where relevant news is often scarce.  Media releases relating to current local issues and market activity can therefore be a great tool for securing page space. However, when considering topics for a potential media release it is important to consider what journalists and their audiences are likely to find relevant and interesting.

To get media attention and further coverage of your media release, it is always best to connect with the journalist via a follow up phone call, confirming with them that they did receive the media release and further elaborating on the story idea (provided that they aren’t running out the door). 

Sponsorship and community initiatives

Your agency’s PR efforts don’t necessarily have to be confined to media interactions. In fact, two of the most common business strategies for generating positive public exposure are hosting and sponsoring local events.  Through sponsoring a local sporting club or hosting a charity fundraiser, for example, a business can create a powerful positioning platform to demonstrate brand values, cultivate goodwill, increase visibility and enhance reputation.


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