Publicity tips to help grow your real estate business

It can be a little bit frustrating to read articles about real estate in your local paper where other agencies quoted as experts on the issue.  Your office knows just as much about the topic, perhaps even more, why were you not approached?

The fact is that the publicity resulting from appearing in a media story can be hugely valuable for your business; however you often need to be proactive to achieve it.  Publications and journalists will most likely approach those people with whom they have an established relationship for comment, even if another expert source exists. 

Being proactive to achieve publicity doesn’t need to be hard.  The simple act of reading a paper, locating a property editor or journalist, introducing yourself and inviting them out for a coffee could be the starting point of a mutually beneficial relationship.  Let this person know that they can call you at any time for quotes or comments and then pick up the phone if they call. 

Opinion letters to your local papers are also a good way to get noticed.  Not only will this catch the attention of the publication’s editor, who chose to run your opinion in the first place, it will also portray you to readers as a local business person who takes a personal interest in issues that affect the community. 

Journalists are often on the look out for story ideas.  Putting out media releases regularly, like the ones CENTURY 21 provides for its franchisees, can help to place you as a good story source for journalists.  They will often come to expect your releases as feedback to issues of importance to the community.  Even if the releases are not used, you are effectively positioning yourself as a great contact, who is abreast of the goings on of real estate industry, for journalists.

 Local publicity need not be limited to newspapers.  By placing a call to your local television or radio station and offering yourself for comment or providing story ideas, you may find yourself appearing in all different types of mediums.  

Yours and your agency’s media appearances don’t necessarily have to be related to real estate.  Your support for local sporting clubs, school events and charities will ensure that you are seen as a community-minded business, while also giving your agency the enjoyment of contributing to your local area. 

It is often in the nature of publicity to create a snowball effect.  The more you are seen in the media, the more you could be approached for your expert comment.  If you make sure to keep your messages consistent and considered, you could come to be seen as an expert in the real estate industry, and a go-to person whenever comment is required. 

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