Reduce role overlap

As companies expand it’s not uncommon for responsibilities to overlap where new tasks are taken on organically to cope with growth. While this may happen without input from managers, it’s important that managers identify its occurrence and take action to avoid the duplication of efforts.

This may provide specialisation benefits which achieve cost savings and increased efficiency in the long run: by having one person coordinating and placing advertisements with local papers, for example, this person is likely to become an expert at this task.

The following tips can help identify and remove duplication of work:

Create job descriptions

By writing down a job description for each employee you manage, you may be able to identify and remove any potential areas of overlap. Going one step further, you could even ask each employee to write down their own job description so that you gain a more precise idea of the actual tasks that they undertake daily.

Incentivise cost savings

It may be useful to provide employees with an incentive to identify any role overlaps. This incentive could take the form of a team reward, for example a staff lunch or social drinks, or be rewarded individually, such as a gift voucher or small bonus.

Hire a consultant

It can be difficult to spot your own flaws, however. It may be more effective to hire an outside consultant to review the activities and roles each staff member as they will be able to provide a fresh perspective, and more readily identify areas of overlap.

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