Refresh your marketing this summer

With the height of summer closing in, it’s a good time to start planning your marketing efforts for this summer and the year ahead. Summer is a great time to build your brand presence in the community – generally speaking; you’ll be able to engage with clients and prospective customers while they’re relaxed and away from the stress of the office.

With this in mind, here are four tips to help you plan this summer’s marketing activities.

1. Sponsor local events: it’s likely that a multitude of local events will be held over summer and you may want to consider sponsoring or working with these events to connect with your community. Often you’ll be able to pay for sponsorship, but you may want to consider offering ‘in-kind’ sponsorship, such as holding an auction to raise money for the organisation holding the event;

2. Target the beaches: it’s common knowledge that most Australians love spending time at the beach over summer. As such, you may want to consider engaging with your target market at the beach – for instance, sponsoring your local surf life saving club, or purchasing advertising space near the beach;

3. Consider sponsoring a sporting event: sporting tournaments are held across the country during the warmer months and it may be worthwhile to consider sponsoring a local tournament. On a national scale this has worked effectively for Century 21, with sponsorship of the 2013 ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open generating strong positive media coverage and reached a large, national audience;

4. Leverage available resources: it’s important not to forget to utilise existing resources available to you, such as Smartbooks, TwentyOne magazine and home listing videos. While new initiatives can be exciting, these tried and true forms of marketing and promotion provide an opportunity to easily connect with your clients and community.

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