Reinvent your interviewing

Interviewing and hiring a new staff member can take a considerable amount of time away from your other duties as a manager and business owner. However if you’re able to streamline the interviewing process, you may be able to save yourself valuable time while still finding the perfect staff member.

Below are four questions you can ask to more efficiently interview prospective staff members.

1. How would you....?

Asking an interviewee to demonstrate how they would perform a task by using role playing in the interview can give you a unique insight into how they might operate in a role. This could be as simple as asking them to demonstrate how they answer the phone, or as complex as negotiating a price with you for a fictional house.

2. How did you research our company?

This question will help identify candidates who haven’t done their homework before attending the interview. You’ll also gain a unique insight into their resourcefulness – whether they merely searched for your business on the web or visited the local newspaper archives to discover more about your history.

3. What worries you about this position?

By discussing the candidate’s potential concerns about in the role you’ll be able to identify what their weaknesses and strengths are. This may also yield a more relevant answer than simply asking what the interviewee thinks their weaknesses are.

4. What annoyed you about your last boss?

Asking an interviewee about their previous employer will gain you valuable insight into how they relate to authority and deal with conflict in the workplace. You’ll also be able to ascertain whether the employee is likely to work with your management style.

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