Rewarding initiative

Initiative is arguably one of the most important elements to running a successful business.  Increasing the levels of initiative within your franchise can lead to increased productivity, motivation and innovation.  Fostering an environment that supports different behaviours, ideas and innovations can often help capture a competitive advantage within the market, opening new opportunities for the growth and development of your franchise. 

As a CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise manager and/or owner it is important for you to understand the value in encouraging initiative from employees within your workplace.  In taking this route you must also realise that initiative may not always result in success – a workplace that punishes negative outcomes may end up stifling itself from both initiative and innovation.

Rewarding initiative and innovation in the workplace requires several simple steps. 

Empowering employees to solve problems and encouraging them to improve services offered to clients will often help to enhance the workplace.

Whilst encouraging employees to act with initiative, so too must you adopt a policy of open communication about the moves of employees, so as to ensure they are in keeping with company standards.  While you do not intend to hamper advancements, it is still important to manage risk and maintain appropriate boundaries. 

Different problems will generally have multiple solutions.  Encourage your employees to use their initiative to overcome hindrances, rather than coming to management for guidance all the time.  This will further their learning and appreciation for different circumstances. 

Rewarding your employees for the use of initiative and innovation can extend to benefits for the bottom line of your franchise.  Rewarding staff for good work should also build a level of respect between you and your employees.

Promoting the use of initiative and innovation within your CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise can go a long way to ensure the success of your business.  By empowering, communicating, encouraging and rewarding your staff you are laying the foundations for a proactive workplace environment, whereby employees contribute substantially to the overall success of your franchise.

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