Save time and increase productivity by establishing efficient office systems

Implementing an efficient office system could be one of the best things you ever do for your CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise.  An efficient work space should allow for administrative tasks to be completed more quickly, as a result allowing your agents to take on more business and sell more properties. 

Running a well ordered office is seen as a basic building block for any functioning business.  While the creation of an efficient office is not always easy, it is usually well worth the time and effort. Without proper filing systems, clear administration procedures and easy Smartphone synchronisation processes in place within your office, you may not be able to maximise your staff’s performance nor your business’ bottom line.

A simple shelf filing system will help your employees to be more organised, allowing them to increase their productivity levels and spend more time working to satisfy the needs of clients and prospecting for new business.  When establishing your system, it is important for all employees to gain an understanding of how it works. 

The use of ordered and colour coding systems can help you to better organise your business records. Using labels and dividers, in addition to computerised systems, should help you to stay on top of important client files.

It is not only sensitive, private or factual information that must be stored correctly within your CENTURY 21 office – your employees should also be able to work together efficiently as a team. If this means that you must roster kitchen duty within the office to keep things tidy, or plan team building programs to help build productivity and team morale, then you should consider doing so.

Smartphones can be incredibly helpful in allowing agents to remain on top of their emails, contacts and schedules.  However, the effectiveness of these devices could be diminished if they are not updated frequently, which is easy for busy real estate agents to forget to do. Ensuring that all office Smartphones are set up to synchronise with computers automatically and wirelessly will go a long way to help your employees remain organised.   

There are many aspects to the running of an efficient office system.  However, once in place the presence of such a system should help your CENTURY 21 real estate franchise to run much more effortlessly and effectively, likely allowing your business to increase its listing capacity, sell more properties and improve its bottom line. 

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