Search Engine Optimisation – making it work for your franchise

As there are many different real estate related websites across Australia, it is important to ensure that your real estate franchise’s site is found easily when searched for online.  This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in – a process that essentially makes your site more easily searched for thanks to the relevancy of the content you upload. 

SEO is the practice of maximising the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines via unpaid, organic search results as opposed to other forms of search engine marketing, such as pay per click or paid inclusion. 

SEO involves working continually on a website to push it further up search engine rankings.  A website that has been properly optimised for search engines should be much easier for consumers to find and to use than one that hasn’t. 

Among other factors, the SEO of your website can be improved by ensuring you maintain the quality of your content and update it frequently.  The titles of your pages are also important, and should be as detailed as possible to ensure they relate to what people may be searching for. 

From the perspective of your franchise – why should you look to dedicate resources to enhancing your SEO? The most important reasons for engaging in SEO are:

• To ensure people can find your website more easily, driving traffic and thus potentially increasing your business leads;
• To make your website more user friendly, ensuring visitors have a positive online experience with your company and return. 

While many experts will argue that a paid search engine strategy (such as Google Adwords) will ensure quick rankings, studies have shown that 75 per cent of users click on organic results, as opposed to paid.  Thus it is important to invest some time into improving the SEO of your website, enhancing your organic rankings, and avoiding the need to pay for advertised space. 

Maintaining the SEO of your website does not need to be an arduous process – by simply ensuring the ongoing quality of your content from the outset you are well on the way to making your website more user friendly, easier to find and a more effective business tool. 

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