Share the load – stop doing everything on your own

For business owners and managers, it’s tempting to attempt to do everything yourself. However, this may not be the most efficient or effective use of your time and by assigning reoccurring administrative or operational tasks to other staff members you may add valuable time to your working week. Unfortunately there’s no straightforward way to identify tasks that you can share with your team as this depends on your personal leadership style and your team’s capabilities.

With this in mind, below we’ve shared three key reasons for you to work with your team to identify tasks which they can carry out for you.

1. Unlock your time: by having a team member conduct some of your weekly administrative responsibilities for you, you may find yourself with additional time to focus on providing leadership to your team. One way to effectively use this time could be to conduct regular training sessions with your team to pass on your valuable experience;

2. Grow your team’s capabilities: giving a team member responsibility for a task that you previously carried out yourself will likely grow their abilities and in turn, their confidence. Through growing their confidence and abilities you may be able to in turn, hand them responsibility for large more complicated tasks and free up more of your time;

3. Lower your stress levels: if you’re spending the majority of your time dealing with routine administration matters, it’s likely you’ll find yourself stretched for time to focus on your core activity – transacting real estate. By distributing your workload more effectively you may find yourself with more time to focus on your past, present and future clients and in turn, grow your business.

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