Simple tips for productive team meetings

Are you having office meetings with your staff as regularly as you’d like? Regular team meetings can be a great way to establish rapport with employees, as well as help them stay motivated and on-task.


Ideally, team meetings will be structured to maximise the potential of everyone’s time. To this end, here are four simple tips to help you and your employees get the most out of team meetings:



1)      Meeting agendas: stepping into a meeting without a clearly defined plan may lead those in attendance to lose focus which can result in time wastage, oversights and general disinterest.  This is why a meeting agenda can potentially be such a beneficial tool; it may enable you to better structure discussions, tick off important points, and develop action plans for moving forward.


2)      Encourage your team to share ideas: collaborative interactions involving staff members may prove to be beneficial for both management and employees. Encouraging employees to submit business development ideas may function to make staff feel more valued, and could result in some fresh new ideas and perspectives being shared within the business.


3)      Encourage note-taking: it is always best to encourage staff to attend team meetings equipped with a pen and notepad.  Note-taking provides a tangible record of proceedings, and a point of reference to help employees remember and further crystalise the meeting’s key discussion points.


4)      Make meetings productive: it is important to consider that meetings can potentially turn into extended employee complaint sessions. While it is important to listen to the problems that your staff may have, you must also be able to recognise when discussions regarding serious or sensitive issues should be deferred to a private meeting.

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