Smart ways to save money in the office

Business is not necessarily always about how efficient and productive you are as a manager to your CENTURY 21 real estate agents, but can sometimes depend upon how smart you are in improving your bottom line. 

As manager or owner of a CENTURY 21 franchise, adopting some of these smart and easy tips could help to ensure your office runs at a lower operating cost. 

Tip 1: Do not overstock on stationary supplies
? Stocktake your office’s stationary cupboard to see what quantity of items such as pens and notebooks are required for your staff to function for the next few months.
? There is no need to go shopping and splurge on stationary at the beginning of the year, as many stores overstock common items and will have regular sales. 

Tip 2: Search for cost reductions
? If you can, choose to avoid purchasing stationary and printing equipment such as toner, ink and paper at corner stores or private stationary sellers, and instead shop at large retailers for their own home brands, which can be found at much lower prices.
? When buying ink for your printer, discounts can generally be found when purchasing in bulk.

Tip 3: Cut your paper costs
? It can be simple to cut your paper cost by printing on both sides of the page.  This function can be set using your computer’s printing options.
? Leave a pile of scrap paper next to the printer so these sheets can be used when printing research or draft documents.
? Substitute paper trails for emails.
? Get more copy per page by slightly reducing the size of your font when printing.

Tip 4: Be green and contain your energy consumption
? To help preserve trees and land waste, choose to purchase sustainably sourced recycled paper.
? Adopt a power management strategy for the computers in your office to help manage energy costs.  For instance, turn off computers after hours, or set up a software application that shuts down your computers after they are left idle for a specific amount of time. 

The best way to understand what you can save is by educating yourself on what energy and expenses your franchise currently utilises.

By applying even one of the aforementioned tips, you are able to save money, end up with a more organised and efficient office space, and reduce your negative impact on the environment. 

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