Take care of conflicts

Regardless of your company culture, it is inevitable that conflict arises at some stage. Whether the issue is between you and a member of your staff, or between two staff members in your team, it’s worthwhile preparing some strategies to confront and resolve any conflict scenarios which may be encountered.

Though resolving conflicts can be a difficult task, the following approaches may assist the resolution process.

Make time to talk - and listen

When a conflict arises, it’s important to start a conversation to resolve the underlying issue once a suitable amount of time has passed to let any emotions cool down. Avoiding a confrontation will not resolve the issue, and could also mean the conflict resurfaces at a later stage and with the added pressure of built-up frustration. In addressing the issue, it’s vital to allow all involved parties equal time to voice their concerns. This will ensure everyone feels that they’ve been heard and their concerns are being taken seriously, while also potentially identifying of the true source of the conflict.


Once the conversation has been had, it may be worthwhile to advise everyone to take some time to consider the conflict introspectively. Assigning a specific goal for reflection, such as considering the part they played and how a similar conflict could be handled more productively in the future, will allow potential solutions to arise naturally and in a non-confrontational manner.


In some circumstances it may be constructive to regather all participants together and discuss any constructive feedback regarding the previous discussion and the conflict resolution process. This strategy would be most appropriate where the conflict has already been resolved and there is scope for learning from the experience.

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