Take control of your meetings

Meetings are essential to the continued success of any business, regardless of size, market share or scope of operations. However, if not well run, meetings can often turn into activities which needlessly use up a teams time and energy, resulting in these meetings being regarded as a waste of time by those who attend.

With this in mind, here are four tips to help you regain control of your meetings in 2014.

1. Stick to an agenda: while a free flowing discussion can be useful in one-on-one situations, in a meeting, discussions like this can serve to distract from the point of the meeting. You may find it beneficial to write out an agenda for your meetings and stick to it, ensuring that attendee’s time is used well;

2. Limit size: you may want to limit participation in meetings to those who will directly be involved in the matter at hand. This may help ensure that everyone present is engaged in the meeting and prevent the group’s attention from wandering;

3. Manage ramblers: you may find that in meetings some people tend to ramble about their particular area, or passion, which can lead to other attendee’s becoming disengaged from the conversation. One way to manage these situations is to set a time limit to individual’s contributions. While this doesn’t need to be set to a stop watch, a rough guide will give you the opportunity to cut short needless distractions;

4. End the meeting well: some organisations have templates for taking notes which include space to write down key tasks which are assigned during the meeting. You may find it beneficial to have someone responsible for completing your own version of this checklist. The checklist can then be read back to attendees as the meeting is finishing, ensuring that everyone is aware of the key tasks they are responsible for after the meeting closes.


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