Team building can help your bottom line

As is the case with any thriving business, for a real estate franchise to be successful each of the members of a team need to be able to work together effectively.  As much real estate transacting is often done on an individual or small group basis, there are some real estate franchises that find it challenging to work together as a cohesive unit. 

But even if your agents do conduct a lot of their work individually, your business’ profitability it is still reliant in part on your team working well together.  This includes everybody from your administrative staff to your top salespeople.  There are many team building activities that you can conduct with your employees to increase the effectiveness of their group interactions, which can in turn help your franchise’s success. 

There are a great deal of reasons why team building can be good for your real estate franchise and your employees.  Various exercises can:

• Help your team members get to know each other and develop relationships
• Help individuals get a sense of their strengths and weaknesses
• Help your team to understand where its strengths and weaknesses lie and the roles that individual members are best suited to
• Improve communication amongst the group
• Serve as a way to communicate and collaborate regarding the business’ objectives
Team building exercises will usually be based on a theme that is important for the workplace.  Examples of exercises include ones to improve communication skills, to encourage problem solving and various methods of decision making, to develop effective planning skills and to build trust within a team and between individuals. 

An aim of any team building session that is held in your franchise should be to develop the individual skills of your employees as well as the effectiveness and cohesiveness of the group as a whole.  A good outcome to have reached at the conclusion of a team building session is for your team to feel positive about their ability to achieve results through working together. 

As many work environments, including real estate, often reward and incentivise individual performance, the notion that a business benefits from its employees working as a team can sometimes fall by the wayside.  Do not underestimate the success that your franchise could achieve by incorporating team building activities that capitalise on improving the productivity of your team as a whole as well as developing the strengths of individuals. 

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