Ten top tips for business owners

A great deal of content has been written over the years about the “do’s and don’ts” of running a successful business, with experts from numerous fields emphasising an array of different technologies, management techniques and promotional methods. 

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple – however, and focus on basic strategies for growth and improvement. With that said, here are ten top tips for business owners looking to improve their operations:

1.       Don’t change too much at once: Focus on making a few key decisions every year as managing day-to-day operations will likely take up the bulk of your time;

2.       Recognise your limitations: Have enough confidence in your team to delegate effectively;

3.       “Yes” and “no” are not the only answers: If either is unsatisfactory, lead your team in search of an alternative solution;

4.        Trust your instincts: If you feel that one of your competitors has become complacent don’t be afraid to offer a different and perhaps more original approach;

5.       Make your clients the number one priority. Focus on making sure that the service you offer is efficient, innovative and, most importantly good value.

6.       There is always opportunity in change: Look for ways to make the most out of changing dynamics within the property market;

7.       Effective use of your time is critical: Take the first fifteen minutes of each day to plan what you want to achieve;

8.       Celebrate your team’s accomplishments: Try creating a ‘Year Book’ in which you recognise the achievements and efforts of your employees;

9.       Become involved in your local community. Recognise problems within your area and endeavour to make your business part of their solutions;

Seek to benefit from your network: If you’re in a particular network – be it business, professional or social, look to leverage such for your business’ benefit. 

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