The Corporate Gender Debate and how to Balance Your Management

As the manager and/or owner of a Century 21 franchise, you are no doubt aware of the debate surrounding equality of gender in the workforce and the balance of management. To ensure your business performs well and attracts the best possible agents, it is important to understand how equality in the workplace can assist the success and growth of your franchise.  

When it comes to business growth, it is important as a manager or owner not to be sexist with your employment decisions. Regardless of gender, it goes without saying that if your team members are good at what they do, are effective sales people and lead generators, and add positively to the workplace environment, then as a manager you should be happy with your staffing choices. 

The gender debate in its current form has much focus around gender equality at senior organisational levels.  With a growing number of organisations in the banking and finance sectors leading the drive, recent changes in the corporate sector have seen an increased supply of highly qualified women in the workforce, ready to perform and start the process of balancing employment at senior levels of business. 

 As owner or manager of your CENTURY 21 franchise, your business’ bottom line depends on your not being closed minded about female candidates when recruiting.  It is true that generally, men and women bring different skills to the table, as do individuals.  It is therefore important not to discount the attributes that female candidates can contribute to your franchise. 

By creating a workplace that is balanced in terms of the talents of your employees, you will be able to maximise the success of your franchise. 

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