The importance of a shop front

Due to the increasing number of individuals using online sources to assess their property prospects, some critics have suggested that a shop front has become a redundant marketing tool for business owners.  Refuting these claims, commercial real estate services firm CBRE, recently surveyed 50 leading international retailers and found that investing in new or existing stores remains a top priority.


Shop fronts arguably remain important promotional platforms for two main reasons: Firstly, a shop front can help to establish a tangible presence for a business within a community and secondly, a shop front can work to reflect important aspects of a business’ brand and character.


Establishing a presence in the community


Having a physical presence in the form of a shop front can be a very important variable for businesses, particularly those that operate solely within one local market; these function to automatically give businesses a visible public identity as well as a tangible foundation to interact with community members face-to-face – something which often works to foster trust, rapport and strong professional relationships.


Reflecting a business’ character


It is important that your shop front doesn’t just ‘exist’ for the sake of existing; it should express, through layout and design, the key characteristics and branding qualities associated with your business. If presented strategically and effectively, a shop front can be a powerful for differentiating your business from those of your competitors, helping you to foster brand equity and reinforce your key value propositions to the public.


The way that you approach executing your business’ shop front should ultimately reflect your budget and overall marketing strategy. For example, “modern” offices may look to employ LCD screens or innovative window displays to advertise their listings, while offices aiming to promote a traditional image may keep their window displays relatively basic. 


Even in the digital age of multichannel communication and marketing, evidence suggests that it remains important for owners to invest in their business’ shop front. As well as helping to establish a place for a business within a community, a shop front can provide a tangible and visible tool for promoting a business’ branding and unique service offerings. 

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