The importance of community engagement

When running a business, whether large or small in size and revenue, some of the most important aspects to consider in your marketing plan are the initiatives you can take to become more involved with your local community.  Such engagement will give your franchise a valuable platform on which to build strong relationships and to increase goodwill and standing amongst residents and other businesses. 

For franchise operations, the importance of marketing at a local community level can often be overlooked, especially when large-scale efforts are happening at a national level.  While such campaigns are also of high priority, appealing to your community at a specific, local level can prove to be a very successful, cost-effective way to build your business, while also allowing you to thank the community for their ongoing support. 

So, how can your real estate franchise look to connect with and give back to the local community?

Sponsorship of local sporting teams
The sponsorship of local sporting teams can be a highly effective way for real estate franchises to get their names out there in a positive way.  Not only will this likely see you providing a local team with much needed uniforms, equipment and so on (and perhaps even the means to play in the first place), it also shows that you are committed to the activities of the local community. 

From a marketing and branding perspective, such sponsorship can see you achieve opportunities for public relations, as well as the display of your logo and company name.  

Fundraising events
It is widely acknowledged that people like to do business with philanthropic organisations.  This doesn’t have to mean the donation of large sums to charity – many real estate organisations can make a positive impact by holding smaller fundraising events for causes aligned with business values – an example could be a Pink Ribbon morning tea.  Such events can give your office a means of raising much needed funds for worthy organisations, as well as an opportunity to interact with local residents who you may not necessarily have come into previous contact with.  

Local community initiatives are an excellent way for your real estate franchise to give back to the community - and can contribute to the success of your business.  

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