The importance of mentorship


Many business leaders credit their mentors as being the defining aspect that allowed them to achieve success where others may have failed. While they are correct in their assertions, they often overlook how important being a mentor was to their later career.

Mentoring provides a wide range of benefits for the mentor from being able to help grow and nurture your mentees career, to creating what can be life-long friendships. Being a mentor may also allow you to tap into different networks than would typically be available to you, in order to hire staff and solicit clients.

With this in mind, we have prepared four key benefits of being a mentor.

Develop your coaching skills: mentoring somebody will give you the opportunity to practice your coaching skills, as you assist them with working through any professional problems they may face.

Exposure to fresh perspectives: mentees will often provide you with fresh ideas and approaches to problems that you both face. You may find your mentees naivety brings clarity, not confusion, to solving problems.

Retain talent: if you strike up a mentoring relationship with an employee in your franchise, it may bring the added benefit of increasing staff retention.

Rewarding: mentoring can be an extremely rewarding process – you’ll be able to personally influence someone’s life and career. It is for this reason that many people take up mentoring and pursue it over many years.

Try mentoring somebody, and you may be surprised at the benefits it brings to you.

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