The importance of staff performance reviews

As a business owner you know how important staff can be to the success of your business. As time moves on, your business goals and needs can change, so it may be important to check that your staff are developing along with your business. Conducting performance reviews can give you a better understanding of your staff and help to identify areas of concern.

Here are 3 reasons performance reviews are important to your franchise:

1. They can set up efficient channels of communication

Having open and two sided communication between business leaders and staff is an important aspect of any business and real estate is no exception. Performance reviews are an opportunity to create habits of having this form of communication in the workplace. If you are able to set good precedents in performance reviews, it may be likely that they can be carried forward into everyday work.

2. Prevention is the only cure.

Monitoring the development of your business is essential, but performance reviews may also help to identify any potential risks even before they arise. Also, by having a scheduled time to regularly check in with employees, you may be able to gain insights that help you run a more efficient business. 

3. Reviews are a great way to set goals.

Performance reviews can provide a great opportunity not only to review the past, but also to set goals for your staff and for your business. Reviews can often be seen by staff as a negative process, however it can be a chance to invite your staff to become more involved in setting goals. If staff have the option to be more involved in setting goals for themselves and the business, they may become more motivated to achieve those goals.

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