The importance of taking a break during the work day

As the owner of a Century 21 franchise you will understand the benefit to your business of keeping your real estate agents energised and motivated.  No matter how busy work may be, taking breaks during the day helps to clear heads and rejuvenate minds – usually resulting in increased productivity.  

It is therefore important for you to encourage your staff to take a break each day.  If your agents do not take moments for rest they may experience fatigue, reducing their efficiency.  In turn, this could affect the functionality and effectiveness of your day-to-day business.

According to a 2009 survey of 1,000 American workers by US food brand DiGiorno, 45 per cent of US workers said they took shorter or fewer lunch breaks than they did a year previously, with one third of employees admitting to passing on their lunch break due to an increasing workload. 

The ironic point highlighted by this survey is that despite seemingly working for a greater period of time in the absence of taking a break, by lunchtime/early afternoon the brain (which most workers rely on) has burned through the energy gained from breakfast and blood sugar levels have dropped – meaning it cannot function at an optimal level.  Therefore, having a break and eating actually improves the ability to function and helps to increase afternoon productivity.   

Whilst your employees’ choice of diet and how time is spent is not your personal responsibility, it is often in the best interests of your real estate franchise to ensure they have adequate time during the working day to eat and refresh their body and mind.  The amount of time that is appropriate for this break will usually be determined according to the contracts existing between the franchise and your agents. 

With the majority of your agents travelling between different neighbourhoods and clientele each day, as well as the advances in technology allowing people to be increasingly mobile, such break monitoring can prove difficult.  As the manager or owner of your franchise the best way to ensure your employees are healthy and energised at work (without taking too much time out) will often be through education.  By informing your agents about the importance of taking a break, and potentially even bringing in an expert to conduct a talk/training session in your office, your staff should get the message that taking a break is encouraged and may even help them to be more productive.

As a result, improving the performance of your real estate agents by encouraging them to take a break during the day should have a positive impact on the effectiveness of your franchise.    


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Local Search San Diego

Local Search San Diego wrote on 07/09/2011 10:19 AM

I can only imagine how showing houses all day must be pretty draining. However, in the SEO and local search industry, I'd say it's more important to take breaks as you're spending so much time in front of a computer screen.

It will be interesting to see how poor our generation's eyesight is in 35 years.

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