The power of recognition


As a CENTURY 21 Principal, it’s important to recognise staff for their achievements in your franchise. Recognising staff may help ensure they stay motivated, and continue to strive for the best results for your business.

Staff may not require lavish appreciation ceremonies to feel recognised, and sometimes the simplest acts will have the most effect. In order to assist you in discovering simple ways to recognise your staff we have prepared four ideas below.

1. Recognise for an old achievement: staff could appreciate you recognising them for an achievement that they may believe has been forgotten. This doesn’t require extensive effort, and can take the form of a pat-on-the back or congratulatory statement;

2. Take notice when someone tries something new: the status quo is a powerful force in the workplace, and recognising a staff member for trying something new can help to create an environment where staff are willing to try something new to better the business;

3. Recognise for a future achievement: recognising staff for their potential can be a powerful motivator. It can be as simple as pointing out a junior employee to a partner, and recognising the talent they possess out loud;

4. Recognise for something unexpected: while a simple task like collecting the mail may be part of the person’s job, it can be powerful to recognise someone for a task they wouldn’t expect to receive recognition for completing.

Try some of these techniques out with your staff, and you may be surprised at the results for your office.

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