The two paths to your own business

When you decide to start your own business, there are a couple of choices you can make. Well, obviously there are a lot more than a couple of decisions required when you’re setting up your own business, or in our case, a Century 21 real estate franchise office, but what I mean is, you can build a business based on what you want, or what a market segment wants. Many of our Century 21 real estate franchisees open their business because they have a passion for property. But there are occasions where a business-minded person has seen a gap in their market and recognized that there’s an unfulfilled need for a real estate agency.

 Realistically if you want your business to succeed (and why would you start one if you didn’t?) you should be combining the two. There’s no point starting up a venture that you love in a place where there’s just no demand for it, and there’s potentially a difficult path ahead if you start a business that there’s demand for you if you despise the type of business it is.

A reality of business that there’s no escaping is supply and demand. You need to look at the realities of the business environment to make sure your business has a shot at success. Where they say that the rule to real estate is Location! Location! Location!, I recently read an article that said the rule of starting a business is Customers! Customers! Customers! and it’s so true. Your incredible love and passion for whatever business you want to start will only get you so far, and if you have no customers, you’ll eventually have no business either. 

 At Century 21, we help our real estate franchisees not only get their business started, but we ensure they are provided the best chance at success, and establishing area demand is just one of the ways we do this. Every real estate franchisee in the Century 21 network is committed to customer service and ensuring they are there to fulfill a very real need.  
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