Tips for establishing a strong corporate culture

While the real estate industry is often driven by the work and actions of individuals, it is important that real estate principals develop strong collective values and practices to help grow their businesses into the future. A clearly expressed and fostered corporate culture can play a valuable function in helping to achieving this, enabling businesses to build strong rapport and brand recognition with their key stakeholders. 

The following tips may prove useful for business owners looking to grow and maintain a positive corporate culture:

One of the most important steps towards building a strong business culture is to ensure that staff members have positive workplace relationships with one another. To this end, you should consider taking your staff members out of the office on occasion to interact in an informal context. This will provide them with an opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level – something which often works to boost team morale and closeness. 

It is important for senior employees to understand and consistently apply the values and practices associated with your business’ corporate culture. The attitudes of managers and senior employees can often have a ‘trickle down’ effect on the actions of junior staff members.

Ensure that the values and principles of your corporate culture are clearly documented and circulated throughout your business. This can help to ensure that all staff members have access to and are working with a set of commonly understood corporate values, goals and principles.   

Allow for innovation within the framework of your corporate values and practices; corporate values and practices should not be expressed or enforced in a rigid way so as to discourage employees from expressing original ideas and concepts.  

When seeking to develop corporate values and practices, it is important to consider your business’ key stakeholders including employees, customers and competitors.

Recognise that you, as the leader or your organisation, should be the living definition of your business’ corporate values and principles. Leading by example is the best way to ensure that values and standards are adhered to across all levels of your business. 

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