Tips for social media success in 2012

With social media rapidly becoming a dominant means of consumer communication and conversation, it is increasingly important for real estate agencies to adopt social media tactics if necessary and appropriate for their markets and audiences. 


In order to enhance the success of your CENTURY 21 real estate franchise’s social media activities, you may like to consider the following suggestions. 


1.       Be selective

As you are no doubt aware there are many different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, online videos and photo sharing.  While many of these will be useful for your office to communicate its message, others will not be as necessary.  As like any marketing tool, it is important for your office to identify which platforms can add value to your business and are thus worth pursuing. 


2.       Regularity

If people are interested in your social media content they will likely actively return to your site for new content.  It is therefore important to keep your platforms updated with new content on a regular basis.  Eventually you may find people returning e.g. daily or weekly with the expectation that new information will be available. 


3.       Relevancy

Content is key, and you need to publish updates that you would comment on, like and share.  If you would interact with the post there is an increased likelihood that your followers will too. 


4.       Interactivity

Posting content in the same format all the time can potentially become repetitive and boring.  Try to alternate between text, images, links and videos to make sure your updates are seen by a greater number of people and subsequently shared between users. 

5.       Plan your content

While being faced with producing regular content for your social media platforms may seem daunting at first, by planning ahead you can easily make sure you stay on top of your obligations and offer fresh and interesting content to your followers.  Creating a monthly calendar of planned content can be a helpful way to achieve this. 

With many CENTURY 21 real estate offices operating in markets for which social media is a valuable communication tool, it is important for franchise owners and managers to consider these tools and the value they can add to your business.  While implementing a social media strategy can take some time and experimentation, the above tips among others can help you to ensure that your base structure is successful and a worthwhile exercise for your office to undertake. 

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