Tips for team building

Team building exercises are widely thought to be a beneficial tool when it comes to helping staff members realise their potential. When implemented effectively, these exercises can work to have positive impacts across a number of different business facets. Such benefits may include improvements to staff morale, leadership skills, organisational productivity and problem solving skills.

Here are three simple exercises that business owners can use to bring their employees together:

1. Group lunches and/or after-work gatherings: regular luncheons and/or after-work gatherings can be a great way to strengthen existing team relationships and help develop new ones. These activities give employees an opportunity to relax in an informal setting and connect with each other in out-of-office contexts; 

2. Office trivia nights: you may want to consider hosting an office trivia night to test the knowledge of your employees. A trivia evening is completely customisable and easily tailored to a business’ needs. One or two rounds of ‘guess that song?’, a real estate knowledge round (perhaps relevant to your local market) and a prize at the end of the evening, will likely result in an entertaining, informative and unifying team experience;

3. Volunteering for charity: many organisations offer opportunities for business groups to participate in charity events around their local communities. Participation in these types of initiatives can function to not only make employees feel good about themselves, but also bring team members together through a common aim of doing something good for the community.

A series of well executed team building exercises will, more often than not, help to foster a stronger team spirit with the office. A smart leader will harness this spirit to not only create a more enjoyable working environment, but to enhance their agents’ interpersonal and communication skills.

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