Unlock your employee’s productivity

Managers often look to boost morale and encourage teamwork to create a more productive work environment; however, the modern workplace requires more than a pay bump and yearly bonus to achieve this outcome. Strategic measures aimed at increasing employee engagement, allowing self-directed work scheduling and empowering employees are all strategies which may help you unlock your team’s productivity.

Below are a few more helpful hints for unlocking the productivity of your employees.

Promote a collaborative environment: promoting collaboration among your team is one easy way that managers can efficiently boost their team’s productivity. An easy way to encourage collaboration is through providing rewards for collaborative behaviour, which could be as simple as an office award for the team player of the quarter.

Providing regular feedback: by providing regular constructive feedback to employees on their achievements and areas of improvement, you may be able to encourage these positive behaviours. Through this process, you also may increase employee engagement by providing employees with insight into how their actions benefit the team as a whole.

Trust your team: by empowering your employees to make decisions about how they carry out tasks assigned to them, it’s likely that your employees will begin to trust you more and be more satisfied with their work. While this will likely serve to increase productivity, as a side benefit, you may find that staff retention improves as your empowered employees develop more loyalty towards the business.


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