Use of social media over the holiday season

As a CENTURY 21 Australia real estate franchise owner and/or manager you are most likely getting ready to wind up your office activities for another year, enjoy some well-deserved time off, and start the new year refreshed and ready to take advantage of new opportunities in 2012.  Despite the reduced activity in your office over this time, there may be opportunities for you to remain active in the social media space and enjoy business success in an otherwise quiet period. 


In fact, with the use of social media tools such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter having increased dramatically over recent times, your CENTURY 21 real estate franchise may forego opportunities if it does not remain connected with followers over Christmas.  For those businesses which are active online, reduced activity and posted content could see you face the risk of losing hard-earned followers, as well as miss out on a valuable marketing opportunity to gain new followers, as many people are at home over this period and can spend more time online, connecting with your business.


Some easy ways for those CENTURY 21 real estate franchises who have an active online following to stay engaged with their followers over the festive season include:


·         Preparing blog material in advance which can be scheduled to automatically upload at certain points throughout the holiday season – allowing you to continue to post and meet the expectations of your followers.


·         Maintain the frequency of your regular updates and tweets, etc, yet keep these short and fresh, keeping your followers informed about events in the news and engaged with your agency. 


·         Monitor any questions that may arise from followers and answer these reasonably quickly – showing your community that you are active and responsive to their needs when other real estate businesses may not be. 


·         Wish your online community a happy holiday period.


Despite the benefits of maintaining online communication, such constant engagement with your social media networks over Christmas can also pose risks for your franchise which owners/managers need to be aware of and monitor.


One such potential issue that can arise is due to the fine line between personal and business social media use, particularly when employees are communicating on behalf of/about a business.  As the owner and/or manager of a CENTURY 21 real estate franchise, it is therefore important to talk to your staff and educate them about the potential issues that can arise from their online behaviour, and to delegate one authorised individual to communicate on behalf of your business. 


The Christmas period, while often quiet for businesses, usually sees increased online activity providing companies with a good opportunity to remain engaged with their community.  CENTURY 21 real estate franchises can use this to their advantage, potentially leading to further business opportunities and success in the New Year.   

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