What are your clients thinking?

The various aspects of the real estate market can be complex for many people to navigate, particularly for those who are considering a purchase for the first time or who have not been in the marketplace for an extended period. 


Naturally, many of these people will turn to a trusted real estate agency for advice surrounding their questions and concerns.  It is therefore important for you, as the owner and/or manager of a CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise to ensure your office addresses such queries effectively and helpfully. 


In order for the management of real estate franchises to be able to respond to concerns the public may have or simply provide helpful information on general areas, it is firstly important to identify some of the common topics that individual clients across the board would like to know more about.  This could include queries about the impact of movements in interest rates, what dwelling price data might indicate, or how demographic information such as predicted population growth may affect a suburb. 


There are a number of simple ways to determine such topics of interest, such as:

·         speaking to your staff on a regular basis about the questions they are commonly asked by clients;

·         looking for a common thread in the queries or comments your office receives through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter;

·         considering issues (of relevance to real estate) that arise in the media and appear to be a source of confusion for your clients; and

·         considering feedback received from clients who contact your office directly by phone or email. 


Once you have an idea of the topics that your clients are thinking about and would like further information regarding, as manager/owner you can then work with your team to formulate some key messages to ensure that your office can offer clear, informed responses to your clients.  As well as assisting your clients with their concerns, this will also reinforce to the public that your office and agents are expert, clear professionals. 


Each office will have tried and true measures of delivering their messages and answers to clients and the public.  This might be through simple, direct face to face/phone/email contact between agents and clients, through a company newsletter, through various social media mechanisms such as a blog or Facebook post or even by issuing a media release where appropriate. 


By ensuring that your office is well aware of the thinking of your clients regarding real estate related matters and has an understanding of their questions and concerns, you as a manager/owner can ensure that these questions are addressed efficiently and effectively – reinforcing your agency’s expertise and reputation as being clear and informed.

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