What to look for when hiring agents and staff for your franchise

Finding real estate agents and office staff to add to your CENTURY 21 Franchise can be a delicate process.  There are certain skills that you need to look for (those related to selling property) yet the person needs to be able to fit smoothly into your work environment as well.  It is usually worth taking the time to find the right person for the position you have available so that a productive working relationship is established.      

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you are only as good as your weakest link’? If one person in your agency is known for inappropriate behaviour or has poor people skills and upsets a customer, your Franchise’s reputation can be quickly affected and somewhat damaged.  It is therefore important to look for new agents and staff who you believe will fit in well to your office culture and reflect positively on your agency.  

When hiring a real estate agent you should look for people who can sell with conviction.  This is twofold, as agents need to market both themselves (in order to secure listings) and properties (to actually achieve sales) effectively.  There is a fine line between arrogance and self-confidence and it is important to find agents to strike this balance.  And of course, the agent must have the skills to back up such self-belief.        

The art of working with vendors can be tricky to master, as a seller’s often sentimental ties to their property may lead them to believe that they know the best way to market or sell it.  Any agents you hire must thus be equipped with the skills of gentle persuasion.  In most situations the agent will be trained and experienced in real estate sales, whereas the vendor will not be; the agent needs to be able to politely but firmly convey this difference in experience to the vendor and help them to accept his or her professional advice. 

A very important characteristic to look for when hiring both agents and office staff is enthusiasm.  This quality will resonate with sellers, who ideally want to work with an agent who is excited about selling their home.  If your agents cannot display a genuine eagerness to work with a client to sell a property, it might prove difficult for such agents to create solid client relationships and in turn sell said property successfully. 

There are a large range of skills that you as the owner of a franchise can look for in potential staff and which will add value to your agency.  Ultimately, the agents you hire should be competent and enthusiastic about their primary goal – selling houses! If these qualities are present when hired, employees can always undergo further on-the-go training to make them even better suited to your franchise.    


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