What type of boss are you?

The leadership style of a boss can add tremendous value to any organisation.  To staff, the type of boss who directs them can often be the difference between viewing work as a day-to-day chore, as opposed to enjoying the challenges brought on by each new day. 

As a CENTURY 21 franchise owner, it could be a valuable exercise to acknowledge the leadership traits you possess.  Having such an understanding could help you to improve the way you guide your team, improving both the office environment and success of your company.  

There are many different personality types that make a boss.  However according to Monster.com, the most common stereotypes include:

• The Authoritative Boss who is a risk taker with a flair for drama.  Such bosses can often be poor communicators and suspicious of others.

• The Everyman Boss who although is likeable does not possess good decision-making skills.

• The Narcissistic Boss has a tremendous sense of self-entitlement and thinks themselves to be above others. 

• The Autocratic Boss who makes it very clear that they are in charge; staff often follow such leaders due to fear. 

•  The Pace-Setting Boss who maintains high standards and is demanding of employees, creating a competitive office environment.

It important to realise that the ideal boss will have a mixture of the above personality traits.  Many employees, including real estate agents, need a leader who can inspire them to achieve their best results, while at the same time being somebody who is approachable and knowledgeable. 

Employees don’t often have a great deal of respect for a boss they can simply walk over – such a boss would fail to provide direction or a good learning experience.  Similarly, a dictatorial boss has the potential to make the day to day lives of employees miserable. 

The best boss is somebody who can achieve a workable combination of leadership attributes.  Achieving such a balance may depend on the organisation of your office, the attitude of your staff to their jobs and you as their leader, as well as your own personality traits and the type of boss you desire to be. 

In the end it is important to realise that an effective leadership style will ultimately help in the growth of your CENTURY 21 franchise.  The success of your real estate business could be enhanced by your taking the time to honestly reflect on the type of boss you believe yourself to be and making an effort to engage in self-improvement. 

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