Why follow franchise branding guidlelines?

For many people the purchase of a franchise can be an ideal way to establish and own their own business.  While enjoying the freedom of running their own company, franchisees also benefit from the association with a well-established, successful brand. 

When buying a franchise, none of the usual company start-up issues such as designing a logo should exist, as the franchisor will have already invested significant resources into building the company’s name and creating its brand.  This enables the new franchise to simply focus on what it does best and to start building its client base in the local area.  

Some aspects of owning a franchise however can sometimes be challenging for franchisees, especially when it comes to branding guidelines.  This response is understandable – after all, you do own your own business, why shouldn’t you be able to make decisions about simple elements such as font style or colour?

The answer is consistency. 

The purpose of a brand is to identify a company.  The idea is essentially that the consistent combination of colours, images, font types and styles used in a company’s branding strategy will help a consumer to identify the company and the feelings it invokes instantly, even if the company’s name is not immediately visible. 

The colours of CENTURY 21, for instance, are well recognized by consumers in the Australian real estate market, not to mention globally.  Regardless of your location, as a CENTURY 21 franchisee, using these colours on your branding should instantly position you in your target audience’s mind as an expert real estate company.   

By using another colour or font on your marketing material, you could risk confusing potential clients who may not recognize what your company is or what it does, damaging your office’s brand in the process. 

In the end, following the branding guidelines of a franchise company is not meant to be a chore, rather should help to enhance your business.  Taking the simple steps to make your brand clear gives you time to focus on what you’re really good at – in CENTURY 21’s case, selling real estate.   


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