Why meeting regularly with your team improves performance

As the manager and/or owner of a CENTURY 21 real estate franchise, one of your main roles is to coordinate your team of real estate agents.  It is therefore important to ensure that you and your team come together at regular intervals, so as to meet with each other and remain up to date with the happenings of your franchise. 

To this end, when conducted correctly, team meetings, or Work in Progress (WIP) meetings can become a driving force motivating team performance within your CENTURY 21 franchise.

WIP meetings serve a variety of important functions in all businesses.  These include:
• Keeping employees (your agents) focused on their weekly tasks at hand and motivated to update you and the team on progress made. 
• Encouraging staff to motivate each other and reach goals on time.
• Enabling your team to remain well aware about what is going on in the company.
• Offering an opportunity for you and your team to share ideas and assist each other. 

WIP meetings should not be looked upon as time misspent, but rather as an important management tool that can be utilised to motivate your team and keep your team members on track.  It is often mentioned that motivating one’s staff is a key factor when managing a business – motivated people are usually more productive, efficient and sound.

When it comes to managing your franchise, motivating your team at times needs to go beyond the individual relationships that you have with your team members and recognising that when your agents come together as a group, they can motivate and encourage each other.  

WIP meetings are also important in that they offer your agents the ability to remain aware and up-to-date with projects that are going on around them – including the sales assignments of fellow agents as well as office happenings.  This transparency within your office will be valuable in the instances when issues arise and various team members require help on individual projects. 

It should also be noted that holding regular WIP meetings can help to ignite refreshing ideas within your franchise.  While individual agents may work on their own projects, sometimes thoughts from a fresh set of eyes can help to add a further dimension to a task, or help to resolve a problem that has arisen. 

WIP meetings, which although can be time consuming and are sometimes tempting to reschedule, are an excellent management tool that you may like to consider incorporating into your franchise environment.  When held at regular intervals, these meetings serve to gather your team of agents together, encouraging them to work efficiently and giving them the opportunity to learn from other members of the franchise.  

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