Work Cycles and Making Your Work

Most of us work in cycles. There are some jobs which have events that happen cyclically, and then there are our own personal cycles. Usually some days of the week will be more productive for you than others, as will some times of day. When it comes to real estate, there are definite cycles in regards to property inspections, peak enquiry times etc but usually each person will have their own cycle happening at the same time.


Work cycles have highs, lows and plateaus, and having a good idea of when you can expect to be at your best or worst can help you achieve the most out of your working week. It helps you be your best, and can also make working a lot more enjoyable.


Identifying your work cycle isn’t actually all the difficult. To figure out how and when you work best, consider the last few weeks and pinpoint when you regularly felt stressed, bored, totally motivated, very productive, etc.  


Consider your natural motivation – does Friday afternoon actually make you crank up productivity because you want to get out the door and start the weekend on time for example? Are you revved up on Mondays after the weekend? There are likely to be times that are just more productive for you than others.


Also look at your regular commitments. Having activities locked in break up the week and depending on what the appointment is, it can affect our level of motivation. If you have an earlier than usual gym session on Thursdays, you might power through your morning to ensure you can leave on time to make it for example. If something is a fixture on your calendar, you are better able to plan your work around it.


There are also ad hoc commitments and because for many of us no two weeks are the same, these tend to require us to adjust our schedules and alter plans. For this reason, ad hoc commitments can also impact on how productive our week is overall.


If you examine your week in this way, you’ll probably start to find that some times are better than other for certain tasks, and once you have a good idea of your work cycle, you can learn how to make the most of it. In turn, you are likely to make the most of your business.

Happy cycling!   

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