Workplace Health & Safety

As the owner of a CENTURY 21 franchise, it is up to you to ensure that your workplace is a safe place to work for your employees.  Correct procedures are sometimes ignored in the office environment as it is thought to be a fairly safe environment, which it is.  However this doesn’t mean that the correct procedures may be ignored.   

Health and Safety guidelines have been set by the Australian Government for a reason and that is to keep both your employees and members of the public healthy and safe.

As a CENTURY 21 Franchise owner, it is your responsibility to comply with the following legal requirements to prevent prosecution and fines.

Under Australia’s OH&S legislation you are obliged to provide:
• safe premises
• safe machinery and materials
• safe systems of work
• information, instruction, training and supervision
• a suitable working environment and facilities

Workplace health and safety authorities in each state and territory of Australia have responsibilities for enforcing OH&S legislation. They provide information and advice on safety and health at work.  It may be of benefit to hold an infrequent staff meeting to educate and train your staff on common OH&S practices within the office.
Without appropriate seminars and measures work place injury can arise and have a large impact on your business. An employee injured whilst on the job is entitled by law to claim Workers’ Compensation.  Under the law you must provide an injured worker with rehabilitation while being paid.  It is therefore in your interest to talk and educate your staff on appropriate safety measures both in the office and when on the road.
It is also up to you as a franchise owner to enforce simple rules in your real estate agency that may not have been legislated, yet are still important for the wellbeing of your employees and clients.  For instance, when an employee is sick and could risk the health of others, they should be sent home. 
As your employees are real estate agents who are often out of the office, you may like to consider putting into place practices that ensure the whereabouts of your agents are known at all times.  For example, if agents are directed to text in their location every hour, this helps to ensure their safety.  
Safety in the workplace is critical to the success of your business, no matter what size it is.


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