You don't have to be an entrepreneur to run your own business

There’s a common misconception out there in the land of people thinking about starting their own business, or joining a franchise network like Century 21, and that’s that you have to be an entrepreneur to run a successful small business. It’s actually not the case. In a nutshell, an entrepreneur creates opportunities, or invents. Small business owners often don’t.

In a lot of ways, starting a small business within a franchise group removes a great deal of the risk associated with starting a new business. You’re backed by an established brand name, there is a large support network, there’s tried and tested training and systems in place, and you’re not building a reputation from scratch. You may have entrepreneurial qualities, and chances are if you’re driven enough to start your own business then you do, but you don’t need to create everything from nothing which is a great leg up.

 Similarly to entrepreneurs, small business owners need to create jobs for themselves. Even if you sign up to a franchise network or purchase your business for someone else, you are still creating a new role for yourself. And also similarly to entrepreneurs, that takes courage, risk and business acumen. And they’re certainly not qualities to be sneezed at.  
Posted by George Tarbey on 10/11/2009 at 8:15 AM | Categories:


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