Australia Property Investing

The Allure of Australian Properties for International Investors

Foreign investors have a love affair with Australian property, as the stability and growth potential prove too great an opportunity to pass up. While much of the globe has witnessed substantial losses in terms of overall property value, the Australian market has remained strong. As many seek to find safe places to invest, few opportunities are emerging that can rival the Australian property market.

A Model For Stability

The pricing for Australian properties does not fluctuate like we've seen in other, international markets. Other regions, such as the United States have endured housing crashes that have dropped prices to 30% of the original value in a matter of weeks. While these markets saw a seventy percent plummet in prices, leaving many with property that had lost a significant portion of its value, Australia continued to maintain a stable market environment. The national economy has remained strong despite global financial hardship.

The 2009 Global Financial Crisis took a toll on most other modernised markets, yet domestic property in Australia continued to grow in value.

Maximizing Growth Potential

The last century has shown that the property values in Australia continue to reach new heights, with the value of the average house doubling every seven to ten years. Because of a housing shortage resulting from a domestic population boom, the major cities are watching prices skyrocket, creating incredible value for the international investor.

Australia Is a Desirable Location

When it comes to location, few places on Earth can match what Australia offers in terms of geographic and cultural diversity. The various regions offer something for every interest.

  • Western Australia (WA): Pristine coastline along the Indian Ocean and the mining capital of Australia.
  • Queensland (QLD): Known for picturesque beaches and coral reefs
  • Victoria (VIC): Melbourne, the cultural and sporting hub and the long, coastal region stretches to Australia's premier wine state, South Australia (SA)
  • The Northern Territory (NT): Offering the Outback, which is a staple of every Australian trip
  • New South Wales (NSW): With the dynamic Blue Mountains, this region hosts gorgeous coastlines and the iconic city of Sydney
  • Tasmania (TAS): The wilderness state and nature lovers paradise.


Australia comprises six states and two territories - it is the fourth least densely settled country in the world.

84% of Australia's population is concentrated in two widely separated coastal regions in the east (New South Wales, Queensland) and south-east (Victoria, South Australia) - and the smaller of the two regions is in the south-west (Western Australia) of the continent.

In both coastal regions the population is concentrated in urban centres, particularly the State and Territory capital cities. New South Wales is the country's most populous state, accounting for almost one-third of Australia's population at June 2009.

Of all Australia's states and territories, the population of Queensland grew the fastest between 1999 and 2009 (by 26%), and the population of Western Australia was the next fastest, growing by 21%.