55A Sproule Rd, Illawong NSW 2234


Property Details

Sale Date: 21/06/2013

ID: 65263
Land Area: 6715 m²
Zoning: Residential at Top

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WHAT AN OUTLOOK! The land is approx 34m wide and approx 170 m deep down to the HWM.
***Yes, its big and beautiful, and Yes, its not difficult to create a home of quality and space and still have a very peaceful existence in Surburbia.
***Ultimately, the subdivision across the road will go thru, and create a better access than exists at the moment.
***If you could find a levelish block in Illawong under $600000, you would consider that good value , may we suggest that for not a lot more, this land is going to turn out to be be the bargain of the year. The market place is already moving upwards, now is the time to move. You need to walk all over this block to get a true feeling and understanding of what it is, the outlook back over the block from the Eastern boundary really shows the potential, but you need to go down to that to appreciate what we mean!

***Why don't you come and have a look at the land and see if it likes you. Go to the end of Sproule Rd, walk over the front area of the last house (#55) on the right (its the legal access) and then stop and contemplate. If you would like an inspection on the land, call Frank Maloney or any one of our sales team and we will happily show you the quality of this investment...