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How self criticism and personal review can help you to achieve your goals

The ability to continuously self-reflect from an individual and work perspective is a powerful tool.  Personal review can help you to both achieve your goals more quickly, while also allowing you to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 

People who are able to self criticise and evaluate their actions are more likely to be successful in their career and personal life. The ability to view situations from a neutral, detached perspective will often enable you to be level headed when times are tough and more importantly, able to understand and respond to the opinions and concerns of others more productively. 

Generally people who are defensive and closed minded in business are not as likely to achieve great success.  As a CENTURY 21 agent it is your personal responsibility to assess your own sales techniques and level of customer service.  This will help you to understand what is being done well, and to see areas where further work may be needed.  

To be able to effectively achieve your target rate for sales and new listings, you should consider the following tactics for self development:

• Welcome constructive feedback – while it is not nice to hear negative comments about yourself, it will be harder to deal with adverse situations once they have occurred.

• Use information to grow – the more you have to evaluate, the easier it becomes to know what you are doing right or wrong.

• Seek improvement – you can never stop learning and improving at what you do.

• Find positives in the negatives – focusing on the good comments in the feedback received can help to make the negative feedback easier to process and take on board. 

• Criticise your criticisms – deconstruct any criticism until you can find a lesson or improvement to be made in yourself.

As a CENTURY 21 real estate agent it is your responsibility to be able to manage and build relations with many people of different backgrounds and attitudes.  Not everyone will commend you on a job well done, and to achieve your goals often means accepting criticism and building from it.  Your ability to be self reflective is a powerful tool that you should embrace and use to your advantage. 

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The art of persuasion

For real estate agents, the art of respectful persuasion, where appropriate, is a fundamental element to all sales.  There are many ways for agents to learn and build upon the many skills to persuasion, enabling them to successfully encourage both sellers and buyers to make decisions relating to property.

When discussing properties with clients there are several tips that you can consider using to assist you in securing a listing or sale.   These include:

• Using non-controversial statements and language
• Making an effort to remember the names of both your clients and people passing through a property
• Gently helping people to take your suggestions and form their own opinions
• Asking emotion-evoking questions to connect your clients to the property
• Trying to incorporate a sense of humour – establishing a relationship and rapport with clients
• Being complimentary of your clients’ choices
• Using language and terms appropriate to each specific client

In addition to the above ideas, some of the following facts may help you to understand how to encourage your clients to act. 

People are more likely to complete a task if it has been started for them.
Use this to your advantage by arming yourself with market prices and information about local neighbourhoods – this will ensure you are ready to converse with a buyer/renter about why a particular area is suitable for their needs. 

The thought of losing something is more powerful than the idea of gaining it. 
This is key for buyers – your gentle implication that a property may soon be sold to someone else could be enough encouragement for them to act on their wish to purchase the property and increase their offer. 

The act of gentle and credible persuasion and encouragement, where appropriate, is key to your success as a real estate agent.  Incorporating both the above tips and others that you have seen to be effective should help you to become a more effective real estate professional – allowing you to secure more listings and sell an increased number of properties. 

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How responsibility and innovation can give you an edge at work

Added responsibility and innovative thought are two areas that can significantly assist real estate agents in building their careers.  There are certainly those who are apprehensive about taking on added responsibility at work as it can mean committing to an increased workload and longer hours.  However, what many people seem to forget is that increased levels of responsibility and the ability to be innovative within a role can allow you to lift your experience and abilities, positioning yourself for future employment opportunities. 

Regardless of your degree of responsibility at work, most people would benefit from incorporating more innovation into their daily routine and dealings with both clients and colleagues.  Striving to generate positive and creative thoughts when it comes to actioning your clients’ needs and requests can give you a point of difference and help you to build solid relationships.

Innovation is not solely about technology, rather it can simply consist of thinking outside the box and offering something different that is of value to clients.  As an agent you need to realise that you are the key to ensuring your own competitive advantage – the more innovative you can be in responding to your clients’ needs, the more respected you could become with continuing success achieved.  

Assuming more responsibility and performing well in tasks completed for both management and clients can also help you to enhance your competitive advantage and assist you in standing out from other agents.  Essentially, if senior management understand the extent to which they rely on you and are happy with your work, they are more likely to go to greater lengths to keep you satisfied in your role, or promote you to better positions. 

In the real estate industry, taking on responsibility and striving to think innovatively are two key ways for agents to further their careers.  By pushing themselves to think differently while simultaneously practicing tried and true methods of selling, agents can develop and enhance their competitive edge.  Taking on added responsibility too will help agents to become invaluable to an organisation, showing commitment and a thirst to do more.  

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How to create and achieve personal and career goals

Successful people generally have a good understanding about what they want to achieve in life (and in what timeframe) and invest a lot of focus and energy into planning their personal and career goals.

It is important to understand that everything we accomplish in life involves steps. To be able to realistically achieve your overarching goals it can be very helpful to separate them into a series of smaller, more specific objectives. 

Specific goals have a far greater chance of being achieved than those which are more general.  To ensure that you accomplish them, you must learn how to effectively set and measure your goals in a SMART way.

SMART goals are:

To stay on track and reach targeted goals you must push yourself and have a prior understanding of any limitations that may present themselves on your path to success.  What you are able to achieve will be determined by your attitude, efforts and how realistic your goals are. Whilst some goals may seem impossible, the hardest tasks at times can seem the easiest when challenges become a labour of love.

Whether they are personal or career focused, all goals should be grounded within a certain time frame. The threat of time and urgency, within reason, can become a catalyst for motivation and should help to push you to achieve.
We all have goals and direction; although in some people it can take a fair bit of soul-searching to identify them. Sometimes we may need a little nudge to motivate ourselves, while at other times it can be useful to draw back and gain some perspective. Whatever stage you are at, don’t lose sight of your dreams – ensure you are on the most productive path to success in both your personal life and career by creating achievable objectives and using SMART steps to move towards achieving them.   

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