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Improve your success by maintaining a healthy work/life balance

With the pace of life generally increasing and technologies continually advancing, it is no secret that the distinction between work and personal time is becoming blurred.  As a result, many real estate agents in today’s market are experiencing higher levels of stress which in turn may be affecting their productivity.  


It is important for busy real estate agents to be able to achieve a healthy balance between their careers as well as their personal lives, while still being able to reach goals in both domains. 


There are several simple ways for agents to look to enhance their health and mental wellbeing, ensuring productivity and success are achieved in all areas of one’s life.  Note that different methods will work for different people – it is important to determine what strategies will work for you on a personal level.  The following are just some examples of how real estate agents can look to achieve a healthy work/life balance.   


Take time to recharge

It is amazing what a simple clearing of the head can do for your mental state and efficiency of thought processes.  Whether this is increasing your sleep by one hour each night, taking one day over the weekend to disconnect as much as possible from work, or simply stepping out at lunchtime for some fresh air, the straightforward act of taking some time for yourself can certainly be beneficial and improve levels of productivity at work. 


Find what works for you to release stress/anxiety

You will find that there are certain activities that help you to relieve the tensions of both work and home life – these often vary from person to person.  Some examples include exercise (whether this is running, swimming, yoga etc), reading, watching a film, drawing, or perhaps reorganising your desk or rewriting your task list.  It is worthwhile to try a variety of activities until you find one that suits your lifestyle and helps you to unwind. 


Consider eliminating foods that do not result in optimal performance

Many people find that there are certain foods that simply do not agree with them and can create feelings of, for example, lethargy, bloatedness, anxiety or tiredness (among others), thus potentially impacting efficiency at work.  If you are not feeling 100 per cent, it may be a worthwhile exercise to consult a professional about your diet to identify where positive changes may be made. 


Learn to prioritse more effectively

Many real estate agents tend to be ‘go-getters’ and like to tick required tasks off promptly.  However it is important to note that stress can sometimes be reduced by focusing on tasks that are imminently due, and reducing the amount of mental energy dedicated to tasks that will not become important for some time.   By understanding the importance of various tasks and prioritising them appropriately, real estate agents should be better able to complete urgent needs and reduce levels of unnecessary stress. 


While the combination of work and personal demands can sometimes seem overwhelming, creating a balance is achievable and doing so can help to relieve pressures and improve success in both areas immensely – often resulting in better physical health and improved productivity.  The best way to achieve the optimal balance is usually to find methods that work best for you – both in the office and at home. 


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Some considerations when advertising listings

For agents operating in today’s real estate market, there are a variety of options available for the marketing of property listings.  Having said this, with sophisticated marketing methods becoming increasingly available thanks to advancing technologies, it may be easy for some professionals to bypass more established options – perhaps even to the detriment of a campaign. 

Advancing forms of property marketing are certainly attractive and can help a real estate agent stand out from the crowd.  However, while platforms such as social media are allowing agents to effectively communicate with prospective buyers and renters regarding certain properties of interest, so too do methods like the tried-and-true letter box drop and ads in local newspapers continue to have their place. 

Audience is therefore a key consideration for any agent when commencing the marketing of a new property and indeed when staying in touch with a database in general.  Having an understanding of audience should incorporate both the anticipated target market of a particular property (be it a first-home owner’s dream in a trendy location or a retirement villa in a coastal region), as well as the residents of the general locale in which an agent operates. 

An awareness of audience should extend to know-how regarding preferences for the types of communiqué received, and how these are delivered. 

For example, while starting conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter may be effective (and expected) marketing methods for tech-savvy first-home buyers who are online for a great deal of time, the same methods may not be as preferred by older purchasers who continue to enjoy perusing through the local newspaper for updated property listings. 

There is no doubt that real estate marketing continues to change, and agents must be savvy with their marketing budgets in order to both secure listings and ensure the best results for their vendor clients.  While agents will no doubt have a good understanding as to the demographics of their local community and how best to communicate the appropriate message, it pays to note that an audience, and thus marketing, could also change according to property – depending on the property type and price range.

By keeping an open mind, understanding your key market and remaining up to date with the various methods by which audiences may be communicated with, agents should be able to ensure that their listings are marketed effectively, with the best possible allocation of funds.   

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Business etiquette for real estate agents

As a busy real estate agent, you will no doubt be aware that the role requires you to interact with numerous people on a daily basis, including colleagues, clients and other external parties.  As with any profession, the way you conduct yourself in a professional capacity reflects both your abilities and attitude towards the position. 

There are a number of key areas where real estate agents can look to ensure their conduct is professional. 

Note the distinction between internal and external communications
Unfortunately many people don’t understand the difference between communications with a colleague as opposed to those with a client.  Despite the fact that you should be polite and respectful in both, you may find that there can be a difference in tone and language used between internal and external parties.  It is important to note this distinction so as to remain professional in all communications. 

Note and adhere to dress code
Every real estate office may have a different dress code and standards that are considered appropriate.  These can include suits, CENTURY 21 ‘Gold’ uniforms, and perhaps smart casual attire on certain days.  However, real estate agents should note that it is always important to dress in a manner appropriate for the occasion – for example, when meeting with clients or presenting a property to the public, it is usually most appropriate to be dressed in professional attire. 

Keep relevant parties informed
A busy real estate agent usually has many tasks on the go at once.  However it is important to understand that the outcomes of many of these tasks affect other people – both colleagues and clients.  It is a professional courtesy to keep relevant parties informed of progress, particularly when it affects their own work.  Real estate agents could also look to ask clients when the best time for contact should take place – particularly if normal business hours are inappropriate to personal circumstances. 

Respect colleagues working around you
Real estate offices are busy places with many agents often working under strict deadlines.  As such try to respect your colleagues working around you by keeping personal phone calls to a minimum, speaking at low volumes where possible, and monitoring the volume of your computer speakers. 

There is no doubt that extending professional courtesies to both colleagues and clients can go a long way to furthering your reputation as a professional real estate agent.  The above factors and others are important considerations for any agent operating in today’s competitive environment. 

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Are you a new real estate agent? Make the first day count

As the New Year gets off to a running start, there will no doubt be many real estate agents out there who are preparing for their first day on the job.  Firstly, congratulations on your choice of profession – real estate can be a very fulfilling role that both challenges and gives you a great sense of achievement as you assist people make what will be, for many, one of the biggest decisions and purchases of their lives.  

As with all new jobs, the first day as a real estate agent is an important one, and there are a number of ways that you can look to approach it so as to ensure that your role gets off to the best start possible.  

Firstly, and this goes without saying, dress appropriately and professionally.  You never know where you may be asked along to on your first day and if you are not outfitted properly for an occasion it is possible you will not be invited.  The safest bet will usually be to wear a suit that is neatly pressed.  Female agents may also like to pack a pair of flat shoes in case you are called to walk long distances or visit uneven sites on your first day. 

Despite the fact that real estate offices can often have large numbers of people working in them, try to talk to as many people as you can on your first day, getting a sense of the roles that your colleagues play within the company, and how these relate to your own.  You could find that in meeting you straightaway, your co-workers may be more inclined to offer advice, insights and their friendship.

The first day is an ideal time for new real estate agents to ask questions.  By doing so, not only will you help yourself to avoid any misunderstandings, but you will also be better able to show yourself as an interested and inquisitive new addition to the company. 

It may take you some time to get the lay of the land of both your new role and working environment and it is not uncommon to feel somewhat overwhelmed on the first day of any new job.  Hopefully you are able to settle into the real estate industry smoothly and before long come to very much enjoy your new profession. 

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