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Holiday relaxation tips


As the heart of the holiday season draws closer, it is going to be important for real estate agents to use their time away from work to relax, recuperate and prepare for the year ahead. Some agents may, however, find it difficult to unwind over the Christmas break following a challenging and busy 2012. As such, here are five quick tips to help you relax and decompress over the well deserved Christmas break:


1.       Find time for yourself: while the Christmas break provides a great chance to spend quality time with family and friends, it can also be an opportune time for solitude. Though not for everybody, the practice of spending time alone can be a great pressure reliever for many individuals – particularly those who are accustomed to busy schedules in their day-to-day lives. So take some time out this Christmas to read a good book, watch a film or pursue a new hobby; you may find yourself surprised at the results.


2.       Be organised: It is often the case that holiday stress stems from being underprepared. Many people fall into the trap of putting off menial holiday tasks like cleaning the house, wrapping presents or preparing food, and find themselves panicking when Christmas Eve comes around. To avoid this, aim to plan ahead and get your Christmas jobs done early.


3.       Stick to a budget: while Christmas is, for most people, an expensive time of year, it need not be a financial blow-out. By putting aside a set amount of money and dividing it between your holiday expenses, you can relax in the knowledge that you are controlling your expenditure and avoiding unmanageable debt.


4.       Maintain a positive perspective: while there are aspects of the Christmas season that can cause moments of stress and anxiety; try to remember that the festive season is a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of loved ones. By reminding yourself of this, you should be able to maintain a positive state of mind - something that is essential to enabling relaxation.


From the team at CENTURY 21, have a very merry – and relaxing – Christmas and New Year.


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Start thinking about your New Year resolutions now

As we near the end of 2012, it is important for real estate agents to begin reflecting on the year that has been – not only to identify areas of success and potential improvement, but to start planning for the year ahead. While many agents’ New Year’s resolutions will likely focus on personal development – such as losing weight or quitting negative habits – some may also aim to enhance their professional development. For agents looking to take their job resolutions beyond January, it will be essential to have a concrete and feasible plan in place. 

Here are four key tips to help you make your New Year’s job resolutions a reality.

1. In order to move forward, you must first look back: to ensure that you are making worthwhile resolutions, you should aim to review your performance from 2012 and pinpoint what worked and what didn’t. To this end, you may want to consider analysing your performance from a statistical perspective – for example, you could calculate your listing conversion rate and compare it to previous years. Alternatively, you may consider scheduling a meeting with your boss to get constructive feedback about your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Be clear, realistic and strategic: steer clear of trying to improve absolutely everything at once; if you try to do this you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed and abandoning your resolutions. Instead, try to pick one or two focus areas for 2013, and then put these down on paper. From this point, you can begin forming action plans and directing your efforts towards clearly defined and achievable goals.

3. Give yourself a head start: rather than waiting until January, aim to begin taking steps towards your New Year’s resolutions now. This is not to say that you have to start making massive changes; but taking little steps before the Christmas break – like organising your files or de-cluttering your office – can go a long way to helping you focus on your resolutions in the New Year.  

4. Stay positive and determined: it can be very difficult to follow through with resolutions without a positive mindset. As such, it is important that you visualise your success regularly, set periods for self-appraisal, and reward yourself for achieving positive results. Most importantly, you should actively pursue your goals and employ a “never give up” attitude.

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Revolutionary new technology for agents and their clients

CENTURY 21 has recently partnered with a unique online green initiative which it thinks all real estate should know about – BuildBITS, an online marketplace and App dedicated to the buying and selling of used, new and recycled building materials and products.  

It is not uncommon for clients and prospects to seek advice from agents regarding cost effective strategies for renovating properties. As such, BuildBITS appears to be a great technology for agents to suggest to aspiring DIY renovators, and to perhaps even embrace within their own homes and businesses. 

Whether it be tiles, windows, barbeques or doors, the BuildBITS App provides Australians with quick access to an online marketplace dedicated to the trade of excess, new and used, building products. 

The App and online marketplace is the brainchild of Western Sydney builder, Neil Turrell, and his wife Leisa, who were tired of seeing reusable building materials being taken off to the tip to the detriment of the environment and clients, who often had to pay hefty disposal fees.

“I think many Australians would be horrified to see the amount of great products that lie around construction sites, homes and supplier yards waiting to be thrown out,” said BuildBITS Founder, Neil Turrell. 

“BuildBITS aims to address this inefficiency, help the environment and provide tradespeople and renovators with a dedicated service to buy building materials at low prices or monetise excess items that they may have lying around. 

“It is actually cheaper for me as a builder to list a pallet of bricks from a job site on BuildBITS for free and give them away, rather than spend $280 to put them in a skip bin and dispose of them,” said Neil Turrell. 

Once the App is downloaded, a user simply takes a picture of the surplus products, enters a short description and a desired price – and the product instantly appears for sale in the BuildBITS online marketplace. There are no commissions or fees for sellers and buyers on BuildBITS. 

BuildBITS has already listed some exceedingly cheap items, including, timber flooring for one dollar per metre and brand new windows for $100 each. Some unique items featured include an Insinkerator, steel beams and a purpose built arm wrestling table. 

Despite the online market having only been live for a short period of time, the company has already attracted some of the country’s biggest businesses as partners and supporters, such as CENTURY 21, Kennards Hire, CSR, Trend Windows, Actron Airconditioning, Clarendon Homes, Narrellan Pools and Bendigo Bank.  

The App is unique in that it not only provides access to a dedicated online marketplace for unwanted building products, but it was also designed specifically with builders, project managers and renovators in mind. 

“Having been in the building industry my whole life I know that renovators and builders are often time-poor and tired, so for the service to be used it had to be quick, simple and easy,” continued Neil Turrell. 

“I believe we have achieved that balance and I hope as word of mouth grows around BuildBITS – eventually the marketplace will grow large enough that there will be noticeably less waste from building sites and more and more projects built entirely from BuildBITS excess materials,” concluded Neil Turrell.  

One of the resident builders on A Current Affair and The Block, Brad Trethowan, is the face of BuildBITS and provides commentary on how to use BuildBITS on the company’s website. 

The Android APP is free to download at and costs $1.99 to download for the iPhone.

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