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Don’t let your email get the better of you


Recently, Virgin chief John Borghetti revealed in a UNSW interview that he rises at 3am on Sundays to get through the 400-500 emails he receives daily, saying that “there’s a joke around [virgin] that on Sunday morning, all the emails arrive.’

If your email is starting to overwhelm you in a similar manner, it may be easier than you think to bring it back under control. With this in mind, have a look at this recent story from Smart Company that provides some advice in this regard. 

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Three ways to stop wasting your time


The Ernst and Young Australian productivity pulse survey recently found that a third of Australian workers typically waste almost a quarter of their day at work. This survey also found that Australians have started spending more time at work over the last ten years, but haven’t become more productive as a result.

Becoming more productive may seem like a challenging task, however, with a few simple tips and tricks you may be able to boost your productivity. With this in mind we have prepared three simple tips that may help you become more productive.

1. Stop the interruptions: do you find yourself interrupted every time you’re just getting started on some work? The solution to this may be to start scheduling time where productivity is the goal, and all other interruptions are ignored. Possible actions you may want to take to remove interruptions include turning your phone off and muting email notifications;

2. Find your motivation: there are times when you will genuinely lack motivation to complete a task at hand. In instances like this, you may find it useful to take a short break, go for a walk, or grab yourself a coffee. Distracting and rewarding yourself at the same time could be the key to overcoming this particular productivity block;

3. Overwhelmed: occasionally, on first glance a job will just seem ‘too big’ to handle, and will instantly put you off starting to tackle it. In situations such as this, it may work to break a large project down into smaller, more manageable mini projects. Once you’ve broken a large project down into mini projects, you’ll likely find yourself moving through the large project much faster.

Try these tips next time you find yourself feeling unproductive, and you may be surprised at the improvement to your productivity.

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Outsource your overload

No matter how organised any one individual strives to be, there will always be days that are jam-packed with urgent meetings and deadlines and 150 emails to be answered. When you find yourself in a situation such as this, consider these tips:

1. Take a deep breath: the most important step to take when your day starts to overwhelm you is to take a deep breath and stop your mind running in circles. Once you’ve done this, you may find it beneficial to find a pen and paper so you can start to plan your day;

2. Assess: it may be beneficial to assess what actually needs to be done today, and what can be postponed till later. As you are doing this, you may find it beneficial to move through your calendar and cancel all of your non-essential appointments to free up valuable time;

3. Prioritize: once you’ve cleared some room in your schedule, it’s time to prioritise. You can start by listing tasks from the most important, down to items which might be able to slip a day or two if absolutely necessary. This will allow you to immediately focus on the most important tasks, and complete these straight away;

4. Delegate: you’ll often find that you are able to delegate simple or even complex tasks off to others in your agency. Consider what tasks actually need to be completed by you personally, and you may find yourself saving hours in your day.


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Tips for great listing photos

A good photograph may be the difference between a listing being snapped up in weeks or taking months to attract a buyer. While you may not possess the best equipment, there are some easy ways to ensure that the photographs you add to listings resonate with potential buyers.

With this in mind, have a read of this great article from SOLD magazine which demonstrates one simple but effective way of enhancing your listing photos.


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