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Maintaining an effective filing system


For most real estate agents, the workplace is a dynamic and busy environment; time is often scarce and tasks can pile up quickly. As such, it is important for agents to streamline efficiencies as much as possible and maximise the value of their time. One key way to do this is to implement an effective filing system. Filing properly can not only aid organisation, but it can also help to reduce the time spent looking for important documents.


Here are our top tips for effective filing:


1. File fast, file often: one of the more common mistakes made by professionals is forgetting to file, which can result in a backlog of paperwork that can take hours, or even days to sort through. This problem can be remedied by keeping a stack of files handy, and creating a fresh file when necessary for a new sale, client or activity that generates paperwork;


2. Buy a label-maker: it is wise to purchase a label-maker for labelling files. This tactic can be helpful in terms of finding the right file quickly, and can be particularly useful for professionals with messy handwriting;


3. Implement email folders: more and more people are embracing the “zero email inbox” – that is, a system whereby all emails are filed into folders as they arrive. This approach encourages all emails to be filed in real-time which, in theory, should encourage clear and logical filing, and also prevent a build-up of emails;


4. Clean and de-clutter: ensuring that you clean out old files regularly may lead to a more effective filing system and, in turn, greater levels of organisation, efficiency and productivity.  To this end, you may want to consider investing in a secure storage service to house old, irrelevant files; doing so may help you clear both physical and mental space for new projects.


Try implementing these four filing strategies in the workplace and see if your efficiency and productivity levels improve.


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Crafting effective emails


Email can be a great method of communication if executed in the right manner. However, if done ineffectively, emails can work to impede communication and, in some cases, damage rapport with recipients.


When writing an email, it is important to have a clear objective in mind. Do you want to inform the recipient or request something of them? Your objective should ultimately dictate the format, structure and content of your email.


Crafting an effective email, with a clear objective, is likely a task that you’ll have to complete frequently throughout your career as a real estate agent. In light of this, we have prepared four tips for improving the effectiveness of your email communications.


1. Make the most of your subject line: you may find it useful to place a call to action in the subject line of your email. For example, if you require feedback on something by a certain date, you may want to consider stipulating the date in the subject line; this will give the recipient a timeline for responding to and/or actioning the email, which will increase your chances of achieving your objective on time;


2. Highlight your key messages: highlighting your key points can be especially effective when emailing multiple people with different requests. For instance, you may want to highlight recipients’ names in different colours to give them a quick and efficient way of identifying what is required of them. Bolding important information and dates can also help to ensure that key details aren’t overlooked;


3. Consider length: if an email is becoming very lengthy, it may be wise to consider alternative approaches and/or mediums for communicating your message(s). For example, if you are attempting to explain a complex topic or outline a large project, it may be best to attach supporting documents to the email rather than including all of the information in the email body. In addition, you might want to consider ringing up the recipient to contextualise and explain the email prior to sending


4. Break your message up: many people forget to use paragraphs in their emails, which can sometimes result in clumpy and convoluted blocks of text. It is often best to separate different pieces of information into separate sentences, on different lines – and to use dot-points where appropriate. 


Keep these four tips in mind when sending your next email and track your responses to see if your results improve.


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Avoid burning out this spring

With the spring real estate season now underway, some agents may find themselves working longer hours to service increases in buying and selling activity. When work heats up suddenly, it can be easy to over-exert yourself and burn out quickly – which can leave you susceptible to letting your clients, and yourself, down.


One way to avoid burnout is to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And while doing this may be a bit of a challenge for some time-poor professionals, a few simple measures can go a long way to maintaining health and happiness.


Here are three key ways to stay healthy and balanced this spring:


1. Go to bed early: while partying all night and sleeping all day may be a dream lifestyle for some, it usually doesn’t work for busy professionals. The impacts of not getting enough sleep are apparent – in fact, a study conducted by the University of California found that a lack of sleep led to early onset memory problems in participants;


2. Find a confidant: people may avoid sharing their concerns and struggles with friends in order to avoid appearing weak. Take the time to find someone who will provide a safe haven for you to discuss your concerns with and you may be surprised at the weight that lifts off your shoulders;


3. Eat well: a healthy diet will help you to maintain energy over a long day at the office. It’s best to avoid fast foods, as these are often full of fat and sugar, which only provide short-term energy boosts. Try having a bowl of fruit at your desk for a healthy mid-afternoon snack to keep your energy levels up.


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