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Make every day count

Real estate agents are often required to successfully juggle of a variety of tasks in any working day, which can sometimes result in a feeling of being overwhelmed or under pressure. However, by implementing a few simple strategies to better organise your work day, you may begin to notice an overall improvement in your general well-being – both on and off the job.

Plan ahead: you may find it helpful to allocate some time on a Sunday afternoon to mentally prioritize tasks which need to be completed the following day. This method can help to determine which tasks are going to require the most effort and time thus should be started early in the week, allowing you to prioritise these tasks to help ensure you;

Create a ‘To-Do’ list: while it can be useful to utilise Smartphone calendars and email to organise your workday and prioritise tasks, this may not always be the most effective solution. You may find it useful to implement a simple, paper based ‘To-Do’ which may assist you in logically prioritise and carry out a day’s workload;

Get a head start: in order to stay organised it may be useful to arrive at the office slightly earlier in the morning to tidy up any unfinished business from the previous day. You may also find it useful to use this time to work on any urgent projects or documents before you have to start responding to incoming emails and phone calls.

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