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Dealing with Conflict

Success as a real estate agent can lean heavily on your ability to communicate and deal with people. Like any other industry, there are times when conflict and difficult situations can arise.


Here are 3 tips to help overcome conflict:


This may seem like the last thing you want to do in a difficult situation, but it will help you to resolve the issue or conflict that may have arisen.  If you are able to let the other party explain exactly what their concern is it will give you a chance to determine how you can fix the issue. Listening is also likely to bring calm to the situation because it can help to make the other party feel valued.

Remain calm and professional

Even if the other person involved isn’t keeping their cool it is important that you do.  If you get flustered or frustrated it may only escalate the situation. Remember that can excuse yourself from the conversation and take a few seconds to compose yourself before resuming. 

Get creative


If you’ve attempted for some time to find a solution and there does not seem to be a way forward, find a more creative way to fix the problem.  Often giving examples can help, and also finding different ways to describe the solution you envisage; this may help to overcome a communication issue.

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